🧵The Jammies

A comfy way to sleep during the bullrun

"None of the three knew where on earth the idea came from. It just happened. The small tailoring workshop, the profits from the jewelry store, the value reserved in the $JPEPE's vault... It all translated into a cornerstone that would unify the wealth and power of $JPEPE's followers—The Jammies Empire."


To make the Jammie's Empire a reality, the triplets have crafted a three-step master plan:

  1. Create an NFT collection of PEPE's Jammies. The traits will be found only in the features of the pajamas.

  2. At a certain market cap that will be defined in later stages, holders of NFTs and $JPEPE will be eligible to obtain a tailor-made version of their favorite Jammies NFT in possession. The more NFTs the holder has, the more Jammies they will be able to claim. These details will be defined with the community in later phases.

  3. The last stage of the Jammie's Empire will consist of creating a PEPE pajama physical store, whose products will have the Jammies NFTs as a patron. A considerable part of the profits generated by this store will be claimable by those who hold the NFTs and $JPEPE. Profits will be distributed equally according to the number of NFTs held.

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